Apparel Design and Production 

The New York Liberty an American professional basketball team based in Brooklyn, NY. The Liberty is one of the original franchises of the WNBA. This year (2021) marks the 25th anniversary season of the league. 



First project NJS (alongside We Got Game 2) had the absolute privilege to work on was directly with their Management & Marketing team to help envision a design to bring in season 25 which they are dubbing #Ownthecrown.  Utilizing their unique seafoam green and branding guide we made something simple, elegant yet bold. New Yorkers have no time to waste and tell it like it is to your face so "New York" across the crotch was the only way. The job was to create 200 shorts and 200 enamel pins in under a month. Dealing with legal issues and a season fast approaching we moved quick but did not hinder quality. Shorts came with embroidered details and waterproof zipper pockets. These were part of an OWN THE CROWN gift box that was gifted to NY influencers, athletes and industry leaders in the womens sports space. We were blessed to share spotlight with other top brands like Crown Royal & Beats to name a few. 


Make 1000 jackets they said. It would be fun they said. But 1000+ is what we did and we did it well. Satin bomber with custom inner print completed with embroidery details to commemorate the WNBA finals appearance. It didnt end in a championship but the season tickets holders and staff got something special as this 2023 season was one for the books. 


You know those memes that go "how it started to how it's going"? Well it all started with the initial (unofficial WNBA tribute shorts) which paid homage to the originators of the league has led to actually working directly with the franchise. An amazing turn of events but a milestone for our company. We have always supported the women and their games so to be a part of this moment was something very special.  We coming for something very special in the womens game and this season was evident of what the future holds for NJS.

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