Space Jam

Space Jam

Basketball Jersey Production | Over 1000+ units

SPACE JAM: A New Legacy. A very special artist collection for the much anticipated sequel to the iconic movie.

B/R teamed up with world renowned artist Sue Tsai to create a special line of merchandise that highlights one of the greatest basketball movie series of all time. NJS was tapped to help bring the custom Wile E Coyote jersey to life.


The jersey design required some very large custom cut twill patches to replicate Sue's infamous balloons. Sizing and placements of these large graphics was very challenging but we had to show out to create some of the best Tune Squad jerseys to date. We utilized a micro shiny side panel to mimic the texture of shiny latex balloons, a subtle fabric change added depth and texture these jerseys. 




Space Jam is beyond culture at this point. To be part of a project synonymous with basketball culture such as Space Jam is a huge honor. Growing up as a 90s bball kid watching MJ play was religious. We wore MJ's kicks, stuck our tongues out like he did and we for sure watched his movies. NJS has been able to have a hand in a lot of successful projects around our favorite sport but this one is up there at the moment. 

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