John Muir Mustangs C/O 2001

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Know Your Personnel is the first point guard principle I learned and, what I’d consider, the chief principle of them all. KYP, on the court, is to know, understand, and cultivate the habits, skill-set, style of play, and personality of your teammates. KYP is the creator’s key to the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.


I am now seeking to apply KYP within the context of community with a jersey series titled, HOME GAMES ONLY; identifying and paying homage to the many heroes from my village. We often wait for those outside of the village to exalt us—which I refer to as AWAY GAMES—and after over a decade of living and playing abroad and watching our best and brightest plucked from the village I no longer want to play any more away games.


The real honor in KYP, I get to work with my family, Jackie, Kevin, and Cooper (New Jersey Sets) to pay homage to my brother Joseph “Tigger” Frazier. JoJo means so much to my class and generation in Northwest Pasadena. He is always on go! That could mean pulling up for a friend or pulling up for a jumper. His personality, like his game, is relentless. He restored our faith in each other and ourselves when many of us thought there was a basketball cloud we’d never get out from under. I am, we are, forever grateful!