Custom Jersey Design & Production  

Round21 empowers expression in sports in collaboration with artists and athletes. And, we connect with our community digitally and physically - exactly the way this generation of sports fans live.




Produce in partnership with R21 to design and create jerseys in shorts for some of the top NFT projects in the world of web3. Creating top level physical products that are accompanying the digital art is the new combination that will be seen more and more in the coming months and years. 




The world of NFT's and these projects are so brand new and come with very specific niche communities with varying interests and people. Creating designs universally but also individually resonate within each sub group is a tough task. our team is equipped to balance all aspects and create something modern, timeless and aesthetically pleasing for their members. 





New world of web3, New Jersey Sets.

Round 21 is one of the premier companies in the web3 space when it comes to sports. Being able to work with icons like Gary Vee is inspiring. working on BAYC artwork is something that we will look back years down the line and say we were part of history and changing of the guard. Web3 digital and physical marriage will be a turning point for the culture at large. 

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