Exclusive Merchandise for Comic Con | Design and production for Retail

The iconic Japanese fighting game was first released in 1987 by Capcom. The game has forever etched its way into our culture and has become one of the highest  grossing video games of all time. 


We took some of the most iconic moves from Street Fighter II and meshed them with some of your favorite sports teams and jerseys. A perfect combination. 





The Capcom Street Fighter x NJS collection featured a Ken Masters Hockey Jersey featuring #87 which was the year he debuted in SF II. There was a RYU white baseball jersey with kanji stitched lettering. We made a play on the Miami Heat and Dhalsim which came out fire. However, the best selling jersey of this group was the SuperSonic Boom jersey which combined two icons of the 90s from the famous move from Guile and the former team from Seattle. This goes down as one of the greatest jersey mashups we will ever be proud to say we were a part of. 


Originally dropped in 2016, This was our first major collaboration for the brand. We supplied limited release for the capcom booth in Comic Con in San Diego and sold out of the Heavenly Kings Satin bomber seen above. Seeing fans from all over react to never before seen sports apparel versions of their favorite game was truly amazing experience. 

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