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Wild N Out is an American sketch comedy and improv show series created by TV Host, actor, comedian Nick Cannon that debuted on MTV in 2005. Now heading into its 16th season which is set to film June 2021


NJS has been tasked to create for the past 7 seasons! Beginning with the come back in season 9 few years ago we have designed football, soccer, basketball jerseys and also womens apparel and even outerwear. We have continuously raised the bar for ourselves by stepping out of our comfort Zone to create truly one of a kind pieces unique for this show. 



Some themes in the past has been NYC, New School vs. Old School, to neon colors to vintage sports. Whatever the task we are up for the challenge. Some of those pieces requires fabric sourcing for sequins, or leathers, neoprenes and other custom cut n sew variations that have helped us add layers to our arsenal. Working with the stylists and the creative geniuses on this show have been a God send. Iron sharpens Iron. 



One of the longest running shows on Television

The success of the show continues to move forward with new seasons coming back and ratings still through the roof. We have been growing together by keeping the seasons looking new and fresh with new apparel designs for each season. Shout to Nick Cannon, Executive producer Nile Evans, Stylists: Ty Turner, Satthra San and all the talent that has blessed us through out the process. Thanks for trusting us to put the N in Wild N' Out. 

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