The Crew League (TCL)

The Crew League (TCL)

Apparel Design and Production 

The Crew League is a First-of-Its-Kind unscripted reality competition series where celebrities and their "crews" face off against each other for bragging rights and a grand prize. 


Design unique uniforms for 8 different teams in color ways that will not only differentiate each team from one another but also LOOK GOOD ON TV! The TCL word mark on the jersey was the same on all uniforms which give a sense of cohesiveness but also standout. Using a gradient style finish on twill and embroidering those onto mesh created a layer that forces you to take notice. TV production is something we are accustomed to in past and we ensure that colors and styles always work with whoever the guest, player or person wearing them is. These uniforms gave light to season 4 which we must say was the best dressed season in TCL history. 


Have to shout out Chris Brown and OHB (season 3 champs) for allowing us in the gym in the first place. We happened to outfit OHB (only team in NJS for Season 3) which they happened to be wearing our jerseys and won the chip. Which caught the attention of team like "wait who designed those?" So here we are now working on Season 4 and 5 upcoming. Elie, Brandon, Tawnia and the rest of TCL team has been ultra accommodating and open to our design ideas and trust in making the best jerseys we can and lifting the level of TCL as a whole. They do an amazing job and we just want the uniforms something they don't have to worry about but at same time make the overall product that much better. I think we do that very well. Salute. 

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