Lets Eat

Lets Eat

Let's Eat

By Kevin Gray


At the dinner table of America, the plate of privilege is delicious. We have all had our fair share and moments we are able to eat from that table. Not all of us Americans however has had that chance.  To me the term “white” privilege also means “Not black”. My parents were born in the Philippines and I am the youngest of 4 who happened to be the first born here in America. I say that to say this: Although I am not not white I would be ignorant to not understand that I benefit in America from simply not being black. Yes I hate being pulled over like anyone but I never once feared for my life in ways our black brothers and sisters do. Knowing that that is just 1 example of said privilege. Furthermore, not speaking up about it or standing against it is another use of that privilege. Many of us have lot to learn and lines are being drawn in the sand. I believe an awakening for the better is upon us. 2020 may not be your favorite year, but its the year we never knew we needed. 

As a Filipino American business NJS stands with our black community and fellow businesses in the fight for change and equality. We are all human beings first and foremost and we believe in doing what’s right for humanity. Yes all lives matter, there is no questioning that however we have to understand that they all cannot matter unless black lives matter also. In the past 6 years (going on 7) we never shied away from shining light on what matters to us.  Whether it is our own heritage or our fellow brands and businesses we work with. We will continue to highlight who and what is important to us. NJS would not be here without black owned businesses, black culture and the black lives of our friends and colleagues.  We take pride in our ability to work with everyone in our community. We will continue to provide our services to the best of our ability. One of those ways is to give other brands big and small the ability to produce garments for them to resell. NJS is and will always be a blank canvas for you to paint your messages on.  We are honored to provide a platform that allows your voices to be heard.  It is much bigger than sports, much bigger than clothing. However small the role that NJS plays in the big fight we will continue to march along together in solidarity for progress and change. There is enough food to go around. We just want to continue to serve so we all can eat. 


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